some of my favourites…

Welcome to my very first official blog post! How exciting! I thought I would start things off by showing you some of my favourite artworks and designs, that inspire me every time I see them.

Jerszy Seymour

Seymour, Jerszy. Living Systems. 2007, Vitra Design Museum, Weil Am Rhein,

The first piece I want to show you is one I recently discovered is ‘Living Systems’ by Jerszy Seymour. In terms of aesthetics the chairs covered in brightly coloured paint splatters caught my eye. This creative mess of colour, wild splatters, dripping forms, so abstract yet in a calm and methodical manner.

What intrigued me the most was the fact that this furniture is made entirely out of biodegradable materials. At first I thought the splatters were made of melted plastic but I was proven wrong. Seymour created a new plastic made from potatoes. Yes potatoes! Intrigued by this I looked on his website to learn more about the philosophy of the design. While I won’t go into details, one part of his text that stood out to me was;

‘The other great question we have today in a world which for the first time in history seems finite. 50 years ago nobody knew about the natural and social limits of our planet, today it stares us in our  face. How do we dress an issue of sustainability while still understanding that we have to keep a political and social economy running?’ – Text 1

I really recommend visiting his website, for both design inspiration and articulate writing on sustainability of the future.



Harris, Henrietta. Looking. 2016, watercolour on paper,

My second artwork is by one of my favourite artists, Henrietta Harris. I have been in love with this New Zealand artist for a couple of years now, and her works never fail to impress me. The painting I wanted to show you was a more recent watercolour ‘Looking’.

The combination of soft muted colours, and almost unfinished clouds, give a dreamy state to the painting. Ever so slightly surreal, each and every one of Harris’s portraits capture my gaze.

If you have a spare minute pop over to her website, to see some incredible New Zealand talent!


Of course there are so many artworks and designs out there that inspire me, from famous works to the layout of a magazine. Inspiration is  endless.



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